Who We Are


NNCC’s mission is to provide advocacy, public & human services to preserve and support families resulting in the improvement of quality of life, with an emphasis on the multicultural community.

Today we serve Springfield Massachusetts and adjacent communities within Hampden County. 


have ample opportunities for
community involvement
and participation.

and socio-economic classes
become a norm.

have the necessary supports and
social service programs to result in
the improvement of quality of life.


NNCC was established in 1973 as the Memorial Square Citizens’ Council, as one of the several neighborhood councils under the Springfield Community Development Block Grant Program. Its initial purpose was to promote physical, economic, and social development in the Memorial Square neighborhood, located within Springfield’s North End. The Memorial Square Citizens’ Council acted as a planning agent for the City; assessing the neighborhood’s physical, economic and social needs; advising the City Government; and advocating on neighborhood issues. Much of its early work focused on improving housing stock, the neighborhood’s physical and economic development, and educational issues. In 1986 the City of Springfield consolidated the Memorial Square Citizens’ Council with the Brightwood Neighborhood Council to create the New North Citizens’ Council, Inc (NNCC).

Today with over 40 years of service to the community, NNCC offers organizational capacity in the areas of community development, advocacy and human service provision from a neighborhood-based perspective. NNCC is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by neighborhood residents on an annual basis. In May of this year over 700 people voted for representatives on the Board of Directors. Our Board reflects the demographics of the North End of Springfield, which includes Hispanic, African American and Caucasian (non-Hispanic) persons.