Program Coordinator

Sep 22, 2021 | Jobs


SUMMARY:  Under the oversight of the Director of Youth Services, The Program Coordinator will coordinate the day-to-day activities of the Live Mutual Project. The Live Mutual Project is a MassMutual Foundation-led initiative that brings together community resources and partners to create vibrant and empowered neighborhoods.

Salary- 55,000-60,000/ Year





  • Organize and execute day to day project activities.
  • Managing the logistics of the project and communication among all relevant levels of stakeholders. 
  • Ensuring agreed-upon stakeholder activities are moving forward, mutually reinforcing, and aligned towards the common purpose. 
  • Ensuring decision-making processes are clear, strategic, reflective of the network and community’s needs, aim towards consensus among all partners, and promote a culture of trust and accountability among stakeholders. 
  • Bringing members together on a regular basis to avoid siloing different strategies of the initiative, create regular opportunities for members to learn from/with one another, and review collective data and progress towards outcomes. 
  • Managing the process for stakeholders to share and review collective performance measurement data; this could include overseeing the process with stakeholders to set targets, upload, report, and review data and adjust as necessary.  
  • Promoting the collective initiative through sharing learnings and progress and continuously exploring opportunities to advance the initiative’s common purpose. 
  • Knowledgeable in computers and their programs i.e.: Windows, Excel, Internet usage, etc.
  • Implement other projects, activities, or job duties as assigned
  • Drive frequently for department business
  • Must be flexible with availability (schedule will vary)


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: This job does have supervisory responsibilities.              






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Program Coordinator