Action Groups

In July 2022, two Action Groups will form:

Community Wealth Building

Action Group

Community wealth building is about increasing economic prosperity and quality of life for every person, family, and the community as a whole. It’s about greater collective ownership, participation, and control of resources and our future by those who live, work, and play in the North End community.

Strong Resource Connections

Action Group

Strong resource connections is about better connecting community members with quality resources—like relationships, services, knowledge, funding, and opportunities—in the community. This work includes making it easier and faster to connect with services and opportunities offered across organizations as well as improving their accessibility to individuals and families in the community.


Action Groups are about the action and doing of the NECC. Members take action to turn the shared vision of a vibrant & thriving North End into reality.


Open to any community members and organizations who are impacted by / impacting each focus area


Action Groups will be…

    • Setting the long-term and short-term goals of each group
    • Defining what action it will take to reach these goals together
    • Holding each other responsible for following-through on actions
    • Deciding how to measure and learn from progress along the way


At the first Action Group meetings in July 2022, members will decide on group agreements, including member roles and how/where/when to meet

For more information about North End Neighborhood Connects (NECC), please contact:

Roberto Martinez (Tito) | NECC Program Coordinator
Tel: (413) 455-2132
Cell: (413) 883-6617

New North Citizens’ Council, Inc.
2455 Main St. Springfield, MA 01107

NECC is a Live Mutual Project funded by the MassMutual Foundation