Family Services


Rosa Espinosa

Director of Family Services

Phone 413.455.3187

Fax 413.301.6938


We offer a variety of programs and services, listed below, geared toward the support and preservation of families and family life.

Welcome Center

The Center was acknowledged by the City of Springfield to welcome newcomers to the City of Springfield who were devastated by Hurricane Maria. The Center helps participants with registering for SNAP, housing, FEMA, MEMA, and other benefits.

Food Bank of Western Mass

Four times a month, food is distributed by NNCC staff and volunteers to anyone that shows up to the food bank. Twice in Memorial Square and twice in Brightwood. These are the two neighborhoods that make up the North End of the City of Springfield.

Homeless Prevention Program

This program is available to all clients who “walk-in” seeking information and referral or short-term advocacy or direct services without an appointment or formal link to a program. Most frequently provided services are referrals to emergency food and other basic needs providers, assistance understanding mail and correspondence, assistance with applications. Many clients have limited literacy skills or are limited in English proficiency.

Skill Builders

The purpose of this program is to preserve and strengthen families where child abuse or neglect has been investigated and supported. Parents receive support around discipline, routines, child development, budgeting, household management, stress reduction and seeking community support.

Promoting Adolescent Strengths 

Cases are referred from the Department of Social Services where child maltreatment has been reported. Service delivery includes assessment, planning, case management and service coordination. The primary client is the adolescent in the family.

SCAN 360

This program assists families with a member who has a developmental disability through enhanced information and referral and limited case management. Family navigators assist with access to services and ensure that available benefits and services are identified.

New North Family Support

Families who are consumers of services through the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services receive family support services through home visits and center-based activities. Workshops and lectures are offered based on the interest and needs of the family members and the consumers.

Skill builders 360

Families who are consumers of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and are experiencing significant stress in the family are eligible. Services include intensive home visiting, parent education, advocacy and support.