Case Manager

Jul 28, 2021 | Jobs


 SUMMARY: This Skills Builders Family Based Services (FBS) case manager will oversee and adhere to the general guidelines of the Skill Builder program and support the service plan of the cases assigned appropriately. Will serve as the person for the cases they have assigned to them. This caseworker will assist in providing support to their cases as needed. Ensuring the operation of this program via its guidelines. 


 Provide intensive outreach home-based services: 

 Improve service access for families at high risk for child abuse/neglect: 

 Able to initiate, make decisions, identify & implement solutions, completes reports and required documentation in an appropriately, effectively and timely manner including providing transportation for those families whose lack of transportation is well documented: 

 Able to oversee and develop program and staff via regularly scheduled meetings to insure team approach: 

 Knowledge of the Virtual Gateway process & procedures 

 Takes appropriate actions to help define and meet the agency’s goals: 

 Demonstrates good listening skills by paying attention to and demonstrating understanding of the comments and questions of others: 

 Participates in agency projects: 

 Will provide monthly written reports as instructed via deadlines as needed: 

 Is adaptable, willing to work extra hours on occasion to help meet the agency’s goals and commitments: 

 Shows awareness of and respect for multicultural, ethnic, race and gender diversity among all individuals involved in the Agency including recipients of services, residents, staff, other agencies, etc.: 

 Arranges work logically and effectively, allocating sufficient time. 






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