Assistant to Fiscal Director

Jul 23, 2021 | Jobs




 SUMMARY: The Assistant to Fiscal Director will provide the financial account receivables oversight of the agency and all of the programs, as well as projected budgets, and ensuring Account Receivables are complete in a timely manner as assigned by the Fiscal Director. He/She will keep the Fiscal Director informed of all Account Receivables issues and concerns. He/She will perform HR related duties as necessary and as assigned by Supervisor or Executive Director. 


 Will assist the Fiscal Director in preparing assorted monthly program Account Receivables, budget reports, and other documentation as needed for all Program Directors: 

 Knowledgeable in computers and their programs i.e.: Windows, Excel, Peachtree, Internet usage, etc. 

 Able to initiate, make decisions, identify & implement solutions to Financial questions and problems in an appropriate and effective manner: 

 Bi-weekly ADP payroll processing and provide training when applicable: 

 Actively assists supervisors with their program budgets effectively: 

 Complete reports and required documentation in an appropriately, effectively and timely manner, including disbursement accounts and the issuing of checks as instructed: 

 Disseminates financial information to third parties i.e.: Banks, Housing, assorted Vendors/Contacts, etc. 

 Takes appropriate actions to help define and meet the agency’s financial goals: 

 Arranges work logically and effectively, allocating sufficient time: 

 Demonstrates good listening skills by paying attention to and demonstrating understanding of the comments and questions of others: 

 Handling and ensuring daily mail is distributed accordantly 

 Is adaptable, willing to work extra hours on occasion, 


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Assistant to Fiscal Director