Academic Success Coordinator

May 3, 2022 | Jobs


  Position Title:  Academic Success Coordinator

          Program: YouthBuild                   

                  Reports to:  YouthBuild Program Manager                                Salary: $70,000/yr.



SUMMARY:  Under supervision of the YouthBuild Program Manager, the Academic Success Coordinator will ensure that all academic benchmarks for youth are achieved by working directly with the academic instructors, providing both support in lesson planning, and supervision to ensure educational outcomes.



  • Coordinate all quarterly testing for across the program, ensuring test administration/proctoring is conducted within the standards of the academic test.
  • Maintain records for quarterly testing for all students
  • Work with academic instructors to schedule students when they have meet academic benchmarks indicating preparedness to take HI Set exams.
  • Facilitate both periodic group and 1:1 meeting with instructors
  • Works with students, teachers, and other faculty to create strategies that promote a greater chance of academic success.
  • Implements intervention and advising strategies for teachers and students alike.
  • Addresses poor habits relating to time management, lack of motivation, academic deficiencies and issues with goal setting.
  • Helps students develop learning preferences for more effective studying.
  • Assists teachers with preparing students for standardized testing.
  • Helps teachers and other staff in the identification of students who would benefit from intervention.
  • Utilizes effective tutoring to help students correct their issues with learning.
  • Establishes positive relationships between students, teachers, families, counselors and others to ensure a collaborative effort.
  • Implement other projects, activities, or job duties as assigned

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: This job has supervisory responsibilities.                    







Karmen Morales
Director of Human Resources/Personnel Services
New North Citizens’ Council, Inc. (NNCC)  
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